There’s not much we can all unite behind when it comes to this year’s election, but I think we can all agree that it’s been tough. From scandal to scandal, we’ve pinpointed the election as a major point of stress in people’s lives. The two candidates have not only caused divide within the nation but in our personal lives as well.  

Some of us may worry that stress from the election might spill over into our Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings.  

Politics, money and religion are general table topic no-nos. But, after a few glasses of wine, doesn’t it all end up being fair game?

We at CivicScience were curious to see how the election has impacted relationships with loved ones and friends. What we discovered may surprise you.

relationship with family after the election

A statistic that should warm your heart; an overwhelming majority feel that the election has had neither a positive nor negative impact on relationships. Consider (most) of your Thanksgiving tables safe.

Let’s explore those who said the election has negatively impacted their relationships.

This group is more likely to be 18-34 years old and are heavy social media users active across most platforms.

If you’re considering engaging your nephew who is always tweeting in a post-mortem election discussion, you might want to think twice.

Ditto for any NHL or MLB fans in the family. Fans of these leagues are more likely to have felt a negative impact on their relationships as a result of the election.

Your dining companions may not have the same political views as you, but that shouldn’t discourage a healthy current events conversation over the cornucopia.