In the ever-evolving and competitive video-on-demand streaming market, the options can be overwhelming for the consumer and lead to feelings of subscription fatigue. CivicScience has previously found that bundle packages featuring multiple streaming subscriptions paired together may offer a way for the industry to mitigate some of those feelings. 

That said, an updated look at the data shows interest in bundles like these has tapered off as 38% now say they utilize one of these bundles, a noteworthy drop from 43% in February. Intent has also dropped by three points over that same timeframe. Despite this recent decline, Comcast introduced its new “StreamSaver” package last week, which bundles Apple TV+, Peacock, and Netflix for its customers. Will it be enough to reinvigorate interest in packages like these moving forward? 

CivicScience data following Comcast’s announcement unveiling StreamSaver show 37% of U.S. adults are at least ‘somewhat’ interested in this new bundle. Honing in specifically on non-Comcast customers who live in areas where Comcast is available, 12% say they would be more likely to switch to Comcast as a result of the new package. Verizon Fios and T-Mobile Home Internet customers are the most interested.

Weigh In: Will you try Comcast’s new StreamSaver bundle?

Perhaps most encouragingly for Comcast, though, is the strong level of interest among those likely to switch cable providers in the next three months. Of the 26% of consumers who are at least ‘somewhat’ likely to switch cable providers in the next 90 days, 67% have an interest in Comcast’s StreamSaver bundle. 

Why does it matter? Despite reports of stream fatigue, updated CivicScience data show the percentage of Americans who have cut the cord on cable has risen ten points to 61% since 2022. Moreover, additional polling shows that video streamers are also paying more per month this year compared to last year – 26% are paying $40 or more a month, marking an increase of six points since last year. 

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StreamSaver may be exactly what some consumers need as the number of subscriptions Americans have and the amount they’re spending to maintain them continue to rise. It comes on the heels of the joint venture sports-focused streaming service between Fox, WarnerBros Discovery, and Disney dubbed “Venu Sports” which will debut in the fall, adding to the already crowded field that could cut into the need to keep cable packages that Comcast offers. 

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