As the 2024 presidential election comes into view, countless questions follow as to how the election cycle’s ups and downs will impact Americans. How are consumers’ changing attitudes playing out in their views on the economy, purchasing decisions, media habits, and lifestyle?

The CivicScience 2024 Election Mindset Tracker is a new product that leverages CivicScience’s 4 million daily survey responses to predict what the 2024 election means for people, markets, and the economy. Here are just three recent insights from the Election Tracker. To learn how you can gain access to the tracker, get in touch.

1. Democrats Rank Higher Than Republicans on Financial Health

Perhaps one of the most important insights underpinning consumer mindset of the 2024 election is outlook on personal financial health & wellness, including consumer expectations for income, debt, credit, savings, and investments. A look at the CivicScience Consumer Financial Health Index (CFHI) within the past year shows stark differences in financial health across party lines.

Americans who identify as Democrats or liberals tend to score higher than the general population on the CFHI, meaning they are more likely to anticipate improvement in their financial health within the next six months. On the other hand, those who identify as Republicans or conservatives tend to score lower than average.

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2. Yet, Republicans Report Greater Emotional Well-Being

The opposite is true when it comes to the Emotional Well-Being Index, which scores the collective well-being of the nation through how strongly consumers report feeling different emotions, such as happiness, stress, and fear. Republicans consistently score higher than average each month, while Democrats tend to score lower. Emotional well-being is highly correlated with spending patterns, making it a key area to watch as the election cycle progresses.

3. National Security Emerges as Leading Political Issue

Ongoing tracking of important political, social, and economic issues reflects the changing concerns and priorities among Americans as the election nears. As of November, more than 4-in-10 U.S. consumers rank terrorism and national security as the most important political issue right now, followed by immigration.

To see the full data, get started with the Election Mindset Tracker. Additional topics covered by the tracker include news and media coverage of debates and events, spending expectations, opinions on candidates and politics, and more.

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