While Sony reported a dramatic drop in operating profit in its most recent earnings call, sales of its flagship gaming console, the PlayStation 5, were a bright spot. The news comes on the heels of its rival Microsoft (maker of the Xbox console) capturing the spotlight and generating excitement in the gaming realm with the completion of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Still, Sony expects to hit its target of 25 million PS5 units shipped in 2023, solidifying its standing against Xbox and other consoles in the industry.

Here’s what the latest CivicScience polling data finds regarding consumer gaming console intent, as the holiday season and big sales like Black Friday are just around the corner:

The latest CivicScience data show 14% of U.S. adults report current ownership of a PlayStation 5 console, with another 15% planning to purchase one in the next three months. Purchasing intent for the console is significant but how well does the PlayStation 5 stack up against its rivals?

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In the lens of future purchasing plans among major consoles, PlayStation is the convincing leader for those planning a gaming console purchase in the next 90 days. Demand for the PS5 is double that of its most prominent competitors, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

The unlikely pairing of Gen Z adults and the 55+ crowd leads the way in driving PlayStation 5 interest – holiday gift shopping is likely playing at least somewhat of a role. Millennials (26%) are most likely to have their sights set on a Nintendo Switch console, while Gen Xers are far more likely to have another console in mind. 

Holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can often be a hot time for purchasing electronics and gaming consoles, so how many of these console intenders plan to take advantage of Thanksgiving weekend sales?

Roughly one-third of consumers in the market for each of the major gaming consoles plan to purchase one during either Black Friday or Cyber Monday events, with Xbox shoppers leading the way at 35%. Gaming PC and laptop hopefuls are as much as eight points more likely to buy before Thanksgiving. 

While other sectors within Sony may be struggling, it’s clear the PlayStation 5 has a solid standing within the gaming industry that is likely to grow even stronger as we head down the stretch of the holiday season and beyond.

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