As many cities and regions lift restrictions, Americans continue to become more comfortable with day-to-day activities. Right now, only 13% of surveyed U.S. adults expressed extreme concern about being in public.

However, uncertainty about safety precautions still remains as restrictions and guidelines differ by state, city, and even private establishments. This week, there was a five percentage point increase in those who aren’t sure how long they will need to keep practicing public health guidelines like social distancing. 

As we noted last week, the majority of U.S. adults where ready for summer travel and that number is even higher now. Roughly 6 in 10 people say they’d feel safe or comfortable traveling or going on a vacation soon – the highest number observed to date.

One activity that people are becoming increasingly comfortable with is dining out at restaurants. For the second week in a row, CivicScience tracking data show a significant increase in the percentage of adults eating out more than they usually do during this time of year

This especially pertains to those who live in rural areas. This group was much more likely to say they dined out more during May than in April. 

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