As summer quickly approaches, Americans continue to become more comfortable with day-to-day activities. Similar to last week, roughly half of U.S. adults are “not at all concerned” about being in public while another half still have some level of concern.  

As we move into another week with relaxed mask guidelines for vaccinated individuals, there is still significant uncertainty when it comes to expectations around following other public health guidelines like social distancing. Thirty percent of U.S. adults report that they’re not sure how long they’ll need to keep practicing these. 

As we noted last week, summer travel may be on the horizon for a lot of people. Right now, more than half of U.S. adults say they’d feel safe and/or comfortable traveling or going on a vacation soon. On the other hand, 1 in 5 people say they won’t feel comfortable doing so for six months or more. 

Intent to travel by plane in the next 30 days rose this week to the highest point since CivicScience began tracking travel plans last July. More than 20% of people say they’ll fly somewhere in the next month. 

Not everyone will plan to travel soon but who’s most likely to do so? For starters, those in higher income brackets ($100K+) are the most comfortable. Sixty-four percent say they’d feel safe going on vacation now. 

Age is also a proxy for comfort traveling in this case. The younger you are, the more likely you are to be comfortable doing something that, in general, was previously seen as more risky.

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