In the days since the CDC lifted mask guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals, CivicScience continues to observe people’s comfort levels increasing. Right now, half of U.S. adults are “not at all concerned” about being in public while another half express some level of concern about being in public. 

As more restrictions are being lifted, an increasing percentage of people expect to be following public health precautions like quarantining and social distancing for less than a month.

Summer travel season is quickly approaching and Americans are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of taking a trip. In fact, comfort traveling remains at an all-time high, with 55% of adults expressing comfort doing so right now. 

Intent to travel (non-airplane) in the next 30 days rose this week, increasing by five percentage points. Right now, 16% of people say they’ll board a plane for a trip in the next month. 

Comfort attending major public events reached another high point this week; nearly half of U.S. adults say they’d be OK going to a concert or festival right now. 

As vaccination numbers climb and warmer weather becomes the norm, we’ll be tracking how comfort levels are impacted. Want to stay up to date with CivicScience’s weekly COVID-19 Impact Report? Sign up to receive the latest insights and up-to-the-minute data here