A couple of our “too-cool-for-school” engineers are proud to boast about how they quit using Facebook ever since it got too popular. They do the same thing all the time with music and television, which constantly frustrates those of us late-adopters and serial conformists. Damn hipsters.

But, as the behemoth IPO Facebook approaches, we thought it would be interesting to pay closer attention to these kinds of trends and consumer attitudes. International Facebook growth of users continues to explode but what about here in the US?  At some point, the US market should get saturated and drop-out rates will begin to outpace new adopters. Right?

We started with an initial wave of respondents over the past four days, who we asked about their Facebook experience (N=2,728). You will see that when we weighted responses to the US census, 10% of consumers have quit Facebook after once being active users. This does, at first glance, surpass the number (8%) of new adopters. But take this with a grain of salt. 10% of people who quit EVER, versus people who joined recently, doesn’t tell us a whole lot in a vacuum. It will be more important to see how these numbers trend over time. So, we’ll keep tracking it every day and report back soon.

What describes your experience with facebook?