Domino’s latest Q3 earnings call last week revealed the pizza chain beat earnings expectations but also saw a decline in revenue. The pizza giant points to rebounding staffing levels, its revamped loyalty program, new promotions like the “emergency pizza,” and its soon-to-be-activated partnership with Uber Eats as promising means to combat the economic headwinds the food industry continues to face. How are consumers responding to these efforts?

Here are key consumer insights from CivicScience tracking whether these initiatives have the potential to move the needle for Domino’s:

1. Spreading the word might be the secret sauce of success.

A deeper dive into the data around the Domino’s Rewards program finds 17% say they currently are a member and another 9% plan to sign up. Notably, there appears to be an untapped potential for the chain’s revitalized rewards program, as just under one-third of consumers say they’re not familiar with Domino’s Rewards program. Similarly, while 14% are more likely to enroll thanks to the “emergency pizza” incentive – where members can receive a free pizza – 34% are unaware of the promotion altogether.

2. Consumers who prefer rival chains are open to Domino’s Rewards and the free pizza promotion.

Although a majority of customers who enjoy Domino’s major rivals are neutral or less likely to take advantage of the aforementioned free pizza promotion, at least a fifth of each say they’d be open to utilizing the offer and signing up – Little Caesars and Pizza Hut customers show the highest interest.

3. Social Consciousness is most important for Domino’s fans.

Just under three-quarters of U.S. adults believe a company’s “social consciousness and overall kindness” is important to them when making purchasing decisions. Among enthusiasts of the four major pizza chains, all hold brand consciousness in high regard, but Domino’s fans particularly emphasize brand values in guiding where they shop.

4. Partnership with Uber Eats is of particular interest to current Domino’s customers.

Domino’s partnership with Uber Eats is expected to roll out nationally by the end of 2023 and is one of the points of emphasis that have Domino’s executives feeling optimistic moving forward. CivicScience data show Domino’s favorables are twice as likely as the Gen Pop to say they feel more likely to order Domino’s via Uber Eats rather than the traditional methods (16%, compared to 8% among Gen Pop).

More Unexpected Domino’s Consumer Insights:

  • As many as 55% of Domino’s enthusiasts with student loans say they’re postponing or abstaining from making payments at all now that federal student loan payments have resumed.
  • In the lens of consumers who are ‘more’ likely to sign up for Domino’s Rewards, 58% report they’re planning to spend on making their home more eco-friendly in the next six months – 16 points higher than those ‘less’ likely.
  • Forty-two percent of those who are more likely to order Domino’s through Uber Eats plan to do the majority of their holiday shopping at small businesses this year.

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