Dick’s Sporting Goods is looking to build upon its surprising first-quarter results when its earnings are announced later this week.

The retailer is also seeing its favorability tick back up among Americans after the number took a dip in 2018. The dip coincided with the chain becoming one of the first retailers to stop selling assault rifles and high-capacity magazines in 2018.

In fact, over the last year – and after a sales hit – the decision to stop selling those types of guns and ammunition seems to be very popular among Americans who want stricter gun control laws. In fact, only 15% of Americans who feel that assault weapon laws should be more strict have an unfavorable opinion of the retailer. Conversely, people who think the weapons bans should be less strict have nearly completely abandoned Dick’s.

Dick’s has gone even further in the last year, taking their hunting weapons out of 10 stores, and planning to do the same in another 125 this year. Recent reports say an announcement could come that they will stop selling all guns. Clearly, the company is making clear its stance on guns, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed among gun owners. While favorable opinions are roughly the same about Dicks among both gun and non-gun owners, gun owners have an unfavorable view of the company by double the margin. If they do choose to not carry any guns at the retailer, it could ruffle feathers, but ultimately may not have a lasting negative impact.

As far as age goes, Dick’s is most popular with Generation Z, and the company has been especially popular over the last few months with that cohort.

Men have a favorable view of Dicks by more than 50% compared to women.

Dick’s is also much more popular among households making over $100,000 a year.

And while Dick’s has certainly made headlines with its gun decisions, at its root, it’s still selling a whole lot of bats and balls. And as far as sports celebrities go, Peyton Manning – despite being retired for a few years – still reigns supreme among Dick’s fans.

Dick’s doesn’t just get folks who are into an active lifestyle; they also draw Americans who are happy enough just watching people enjoy an active lifestyle. People who say watching sports is a “passion” of theirs have a whopping 55% favorable view of the chain. 

And even 22% of Americans who never exercise look fondly upon Dick’s.

Dick’s is a leader in sporting goods sales, and it’s also become a lightning rod in the culture wars. Its stance on guns has seemed to ignite passion in the younger generation, and it would appear the arrow is pointing up on this retailer after its controversial decision.