General experience with CBD products among American adults has changed very little in the last year, but younger consumers have largely been the drivers of the market.

Use and satisfaction with CBD products is greatest among of-age Gen Z (23%), while Millennials report the highest rates of dissatisfaction with the products they have tried.

Perhaps usage and satisfaction are connected to emotional and psychological states. Continuous tracking of worry and stress among Americans of all ages reveals members of Gen Z experiencing both feelings the strongest. Grouping the poll options would tell one story — that those between 35 and 54 have the most worry and stress — but it would overlook the more intense sentiment emanating from those under 25.

In addition, CBD users of any age, but who prefer vaping to other forms of cannabidiols, show the strongest feelings of worry and stress in the last six months.

And while 41% of CBD users prefer edibles and gummies to other forms of cannabidiols, preference varied greatly by age.

For example, those between 25 and 34 prefer edibles twice as much as oils and tinctures.  Topical CBD creams are most popular among those 55 or older.

But Gen Z CBD consumers are almost twice as likely as any other age group to prefer vapes, including products like dabs and wax concentrates. Although much ado has been made about the prolonged risks of CBD vaping products, it still remains the second-most preferred option for the youngest CBD consumers — and is the only age bracket where that holds true.

While further polling and analysis is required, it’s possible that younger consumers, given one-third or more are reporting emotional distress, are seeking out CBD products with more sure results.