After starting the year off on a high note, the collective emotional well-being of the U.S. population declined from January to February. The weekly reading of the CivicScience Well-Being Index shows that well-being remained elevated in January until falling nearly two points at the start of the month.

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To put current numbers into perspective, the emotional well-being of Americans is lower in Q1 2024 than Q1 2023, resting at 56.3% versus 56.8%. A quarterly view indicates that the progressive recovery of well-being during the latter half of the pandemic has peaked, as Americans now adjust to a new normal in the post-Covid era.

And with the 2024 presidential election on the wing, it’s possible that growing political tensions are impacting well-being. Ongoing data tracking shows that well-being ticked down month over month for Americans of all political leanings, with the largest drop occurring among Democrats/Liberals (declining 3.6 points).

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Although the year is just getting started, the collective emotional well-being of the nation is off to a rocky start. As past data has shown, changes in well-being could have significant impacts on industries, given the correlation between well-being and spending patterns.

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What is the CivicScience Well-Being Index? 

Attitudes change before behaviors do. That’s why the CivicScience Well-Being Index captures the collective emotional well-being of the population on a daily basis, by asking thousands of survey respondents to report on how strongly they feel different emotions. Through living indexes like the Well-Being Index, CivicScience helps businesses and organizations better understand what’s driving consumer choices, empowering them with the data-driven insight needed to navigate our rapidly changing times.