CivicScience is continuously tracking consumer intent for Netflix’s lower priced ad-supported model, called “Basic with Ads,” ahead of its launch on November 3rd. As we get closer to the release, our data show that intent to switch to the new plan has been growing among current Netflix users, and has risen even further from last week to 36% (up one percentage point).

The number of streaming services consumers are subscribed to seems to be an important factor in determining interest. Those who have 3+ subscriptions (16%) are roughly five times more likely than those without any to be ‘very likely’ to sign up for the offering. And they are nearly two times more likely to subscribe than those with 1-2 subscriptions.

Given that there’s clearly interest among other streaming platform users, which streamers are most interested in  NFLX’s ad-supported plan? In a comparison of five of the most popular streaming platforms, Hulu + Live TV and ESPN+ users are the most likely to be interested in signing up. And, Paramount+ users come in second. 

In similar news, sources recently shared that Netflix will charge its customers for password sharing in 2023 in an attempt to monetize “moochers.” October CivicScience data show that just more than a quarter of Netflix users share an account password without paying (26%), which is up from 23% in March. With an increase in cost-saving “moochers,” perhaps these streamers are more inclined to opt for NFLX’s lower-priced plan. 

While Netflix moochers don’t have high levels of likelihood to convert (7%), at least not yet, users who share the cost are the most likely to convert in general (77%). However, Netflix users who pay the full cost are the most likely to be ‘very likely’ to switch to “Basic with Ads” (14%).

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