You might have noticed that Thanksgiving falls later this year putting only four weeks, rather than five, between your turkey dinner and Christmas ham. Despite the condensed holiday season – which we haven’t experienced since 2015 – 65% of Americans say they have not begun their holiday shopping.

You might not be surprised by that number because we all know the holiday shopping procrastinators are out there, and according to CivicScience data, that number has remained relatively the same over the last five years.

When Are People Shopping this Year?

Cyber Monday will be the biggest shopping day over Thanksgiving weekend at 28%, which is significantly higher than this time last year (22%). Black Friday is still a close second at 23%, up from 19% this time last year. Thanksgiving Day and the Sunday after will have the least amount of shoppers out and about – and that hasn’t changed much year over year either.

There are always people who won’t shop at all over Thanksgiving, but we see a significantly higher percentage of people this year who say they will shop over the holiday weekend compared to 2018.

How Much Will People Spend?

According to CivicScience data of more than 6,500 respondents, 44% will spend the same amount of money as last year, while 11% will spend a little more and 16% will spend a little less. But more on that next week when we share our data on spending. Stay tuned.