Nike is set to release its earnings on June 27, and analysts expect that number to be down a little less than 3% from this time last year, but revenue up nearly 4%.

Another thing going up for Nike: its favorability. According to CivicScience, Nike’s favorability soared starting in mid-2018, breaking the 50% favorability marker for the first time since CivicScience started tracking the brand. Nike has stayed above 50% despite a minor swoon in May’s favorability numbers.

So who likes Nike? Specifically, who likes Nike sneakers? Here’s a fast five look at what the numbers say …

JUST EAT IT: Americans who stay up on the latest food and cooking trends have a favorable view of Nike footwear at a 20% higher rate than people who don’t know their pupusas from their pu pu platters.

JUST TWEET IT: People who spend more than two hours a day on social media have a favorable view of Nike shoes at a rate 13% higher than people who spend an hour or two on social media. And those same 2+ hour-a-day social media users like Nike at a whopping 60% higher rate than people who spend less than an hour –  or no time at all – on social media.

CHECK PLEASE: People who eat lunch out are 10% more likely to have a favorable view of Nike footwear than people who pack their lunch, and they are 31% more likely to like Nike than people who eat their lunch at home.

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY’S SNEAKERS: She hasn’t been in a movie since 2014, and, in fact, she actually says she’s retired from Hollywood. But fans of Cameron Diaz like Nike footwear at a 77% higher clip than people who have an unfavorable view of Diaz. Noteworthy: Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston had similar numbers. Maybe a retro-style ad featuring those three would goose those sales numbers.  

NO CHECKS, PLEASE: The more someone uses mobile banking, the more likely they are to have a favorable view of Nike. The numbers go up, swoosh-like, without pause.

Nike has long been the leader in the sneaker market, and with favorability – and revenue – on the rise, there seems to be more space for the company to continue to grow. Now if they could just lure Cameron Diaz out of retirement …

Next week we will publish research about Nike’s new Fit App. Stay tuned.