In a report published yesterday timed to align with this week’s annual international Consumer Electronics Show, we used the syndicated data in our InsightStore™ consumer research platform to analyze sentiment across a variety of newer consumer electronics products, including:

  • Wireless speakers
  • Home products
  • Smart home security
  • Personal drones
  • Smart clothing
  • Google Glass
  • Fitness trackers
  • Smart watches
  • Curved TVs

We studies several sentiment areas, including ownership levels, awareness levels, and interest in future purchase. Ownership levels for most of these products is still quite low (under 5%), so our report focused on the InsightStore™ data that could indicate who might buy the products in the future.

What we learned is that, despite these products being all over the map in terms of price points, there exists an extremely strong correlation between awareness and future purchase interest. Wireless speakers are hot – on all three sentiment areas studies. And even for all of the hype surrounding Google Glass, it ranks even lower than smart clothing in awareness and purchase interest.

Consumer electronics awareness and purchase interest

But there are outliers to that overall awareness-interest correlation: Smart home security products have higher future purchase interest than home robotics, which has the same awareness level.

Looking at who these potential future product buyers are more likely to be, we see stereotypes alive and well for some categories – and dead for others:

  • Wireless speakers is fairly even on the gender split, with stronger interest correlating well with music fans in general.
  • Home robotics – a category perhaps best known for cleaning devices – is 50/50 in its gender split.
  • Personal drone purchase interest is heavily favored by males (71% to 29% female), particularly those in suburban or rural areas vs. cities.
  • Wearable fitness trackers rank higher in interest than smart watches among women.

We hope that the data in our report available online (no download or login needed) gives you a way to plug-in to some of the capabilities of our InsightStore™ platform in terms of data availability and analysis – and we look forward to what other new product launches emerge from CES 2015 that we can add to our syndicated polling library for data collection and time-based tracking.