Ford and Tesla are two cars that wouldn’t necessarily sit side-by-side in the same driveway. 

Ford – traditional and American. It has spent decades building its brand and developing a loyal and unique customer base which is why CivicScience brand tracking shows Ford favorability at almost half of U.S. adults (47%).

Tesla – conventional and while American-made, its main goal is to help its customers protect the environment just by driving their car. Tesla doesn’t have even a fraction of the history that Ford has yet is looked at as favorable to almost a third (30%) of U.S. and tesla favorability comparison

Right now isn’t a particularly great time for the auto industry, but when lockdowns are lifted, there is a chance that one of these companies will ramp back up more quickly than the other. 

CivicScience data show Ford favorables are more likely than Tesla favorables to say they would resume all or almost all their normal activities if given an official government notice to do so. Tesla favorables were more reluctant; they were 25% less likely to say they would also resume all or almost all of their day-to-days.

Ford favorables were also much more likely than Tesla favorables to be comfortable with in-store shopping in under a month. Ford appears to attract customers of a more conservative viewpoint which explains why they are more likely than Tesla’s customers to head to a dealership for a few test drives this summer.