As reported in the past, frozen food usage continues its decline following a peak earlier this year during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns. And despite the upcoming return to school–virtual or otherwise–for many, frozen entrees have yet to see increased interest. 

Interest in packaged meals and sides, snacks, and canned goods has also decreased. However, of those three quick and easy prepared items, snacks are still the most popular item. 

Who’s Opting for Frozen Meals? 

As it stands, men are slightly more likely to prepare frozen entrees than women.

Occupation–and the hours, environment and availability of certain foods–also impacts frozen entree consumption, with service workers being the most likely to eat two or more frozen entrees a week.

There is also strong correlation between those who eat frozen meals and people who intend to use meal subscription kits. While the data stayed relatively consistent during the height of pandemic lockdowns earlier this year, those who eat one frozen entree a week have shown a slight increase of intention to use meal subscription kits in the last month. All of this to say, it’s possible that frozen meal users may be looking to take the next step towards cooking from scratch.

Ultimately, frozen meal consumption, as well as the consumption of most other canned or prepackaged foods, is on the decline. However, those who do gravitate towards frozen foods–namely men and service workers–could be switching over to meal kits in the near future.