It seems that with age comes a growing gut – and I’m not talking about a beer belly.

The concept of “trusting your gut” is often linked to the mystical–some unknowable part of our biology that calls out to get us out of the road, or perhaps… sell stock.

A recent study in Scientific Reports revealed that the stock market traders most in tune with their gut were also the best performing of the bunch.

So who else believes in trusting their gut? Civic Science asked this question:  


It came as quite a surprise that 84% responded “Yes”. They trust a feeling that even with today’s science, is unquantifiable or measurable.

Before we dive into the majority, let’s take a look at the minority.

Only 8% of people responded that they don’t trust their gut. This group is more likely to be under 18, and therefore twice as likely to be unemployed and much more likely to live with their parents.

In comparison, it doesn’t take much to guess who the “Yes” group is comprised of. They are more likely to have children, to be employed, married, and to own their own homes. They are also more likely to be 35-54 years old.

Mirroring the results of the Scientific Report study, it seems that the more experience you have, the more you trust your gut. This comes as no surprise that, considering the self-consciousness of teens and young adults, this group would be less likely to trust their instincts. The more someone experiences, the more confident he or she can be in their day to day decisions.