Honda and Toyota are two of the most popular car brands in the U.S. Honda fans are very similar to Toyota fans; in fact, they are virtually the same. For example, the majority have at least a college or technical degree, they have an annual income under $75K, and over 50% are married. The two groups also have some slight differences, which can be interesting when it comes to developing their marketing campaigns. We are sharing with you a few of the differences of Honda fans vs. Toyota fans and some of their similarities.


  1. 48% of Honda fans have children 16+ years old, vs. 57% of Toyota fans.
  2. When asked how they prefer to watch streaming media, 28% of Honda fans prefer to stream shows back to back, vs. 20% of Toyota fans.
  3. 41% of Honda fans have been on at least one cruise, vs. 33% of Toyota fans.
  4. 78% of Honda fans follow college sports, vs. 65% of Toyota fans.
  5. 47% of Honda fans say someone in their immediate family suffers from diabetes, vs. 38% of Toyota fans.


  1. 45% of Honda fans live in the suburbs, vs. 44% of Toyota fans.
  2. 45% of Honda fans have immediate family who serve or served in the military, vs. 45% of Toyota fans.
  3. 39% of Honda and Toyota fans get their weather forecast from the TV.
  4. 37% of Honda fans say that comedies are their favorite movie genre, vs. 36% of Toyota fans.
  5. 37% of Honda fans say Fox has the best morning programming among other major networks, vs. 38% of Toyota fans.