We’re pretty cool, it seems – according to a recent report published by leading IT solutions industry analyst Gartner. CivicScience is among five vendors named to Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing 2015” published this past week. (It’s available to Gartner clients online here.)

Gartner’s report is designed to highlight a short list of interesting and innovative vendors they have studied – providers whose products and services strive to help digital marketers with marketing analytics. Gartner says in its report that it aims to introduce its clients and readers to the five vendors, their benefits and risks, and how they might provide an edge.

Gartner may be lesser known in the market research space, but they are evolving quickly from their IT industry watchdog roots to provide analysis and insights on tech-based applications aimed at business-side buyers. One of the co-authors of the report, Martin Kihn, is fairly familiar with our work at CivicScience and has been complementary in the past. See his two Gartner blog posts about us published in 2014:

Just to be transparent, we are currently not a Gartner client (yet) and haven’t spent any money to woo such recognition (nor can Gartner be wooed-for-a-fee anyway). We are very honored and validated to be included in this coverage by such a respected analyst organization. Martin Kihn “gets us” and if you want to talk to a non-biased, third-party about their impressions of us, he’s your man.

As to whether we are actually indeed cool…. well that’s up to you to decide. Our Data Scientists have some punchy wit (see their blog post about a visual guide to Data Science), and we do exercise levity with our polling questions at times (see our blog post about theoretically adding the words “only when drunk” to the end of questions). And our CEO does get to rub elbows with music industry luminaries each year as we analyze consumers’ GRAMMY winner predictions.

We also have felt pretty darned cool all winter long in Pittsburgh… but things are starting to heat up. Keep checking back with us for some exciting updates and fun consumer insights we like to share here… please subscribe to our updates by punching in your email below.