On Tuesday, Amazon announced that Venmo will be available as a payment option for all shoppers by Black Friday – and some users already have access to the payment method. The move comes on the heels of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale earlier this month, which nearly rivaled July’s Prime Day proper in consumer interest.

According to CivicScience’s latest data, 18% of Amazon shoppers are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to pay with Venmo on the site this holiday season – with 6% clocking in at ‘very likely’ (n=3,816).

But roughly one-quarter of Gen Z adult Amazon shoppers surveyed say they’re ‘very likely’ to use Venmo while shopping on Amazon, with 6-in-10 in the age group at least ‘somewhat likely’ to pay with the service – drastically outpacing the Gen Pop’s likelihood. These Gen Z interest levels, perhaps surprisingly, mirror the age bracket’s outsized interest in shopping at malls this holiday season.

Americans who are financially better off than they were before the pandemic are significantly more likely to pay with Venmo on Amazon this holiday season. Although this could change after it’s fully implemented, Venmo Amazon payments are largely squared at young shoppers with financial flexibility.

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