After a chaotic week for Twitter, which brought more crucial staff resignations, brand impersonations, and potential FTC violations, many of its users are getting a little antsy about the site’s future prospects. CivicScience has been tracking how sentiment toward the platform has shifted since Elon Musk’s recent acquisition, along with our long-running data about user frequency.

Optimism is not running high. Nearly 6-in-10 Americans are ‘not at all optimistic’ about Twitter’s long-term prospects right now. Daily Twitter users currently make up roughly the same percentage (39%) of the user base as just before Musk took over, but the election bump – and interest in the general turbulence – might account for this.

A majority of Americans think it’s at least ‘somewhat likely’ the site shuts down within the next year (excluding those who are uncertain). But daily Twitter users are rather split on doomsday forecasts. Half of all daily and weekly users think it’s ‘not at all likely’ the site will shut down within the next year – but one-quarter of daily users think it’s ‘very likely’ to shut down within the next year, outpacing the Gen Pop (17%).

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