Although the everyday user experience is still largely unchanged, Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter might lead to some major shakeups in the coming weeks. Besides the widespread staff cuts, potential restoration of banned accounts, and the long-rumored edit button, Musk has pledged to uproot the verification process. Those little blue checkmarks that public figures rely on to verify their identity may soon come at a price – if not the initially proposed $19.99 per month, a scaled-back $8 per month – and be open to whoever wishes without the application process.

According to the latest CivicScience data, 14% of all Twitter users (roughly 33 million of the company’s 238 million monthly active users) consider themselves ‘very likely’ to pay $8 per month for a verified account – and among daily users, that figure jumps to 25%. Weekly users are less than one-third as likely to be very enthusiastic about paid verification. Nearly three-quarters of Twitter users are ‘not at all likely’ to sign up for the perk. 

Musk’s own favorability has gone underwater throughout the course of 2022. Back in April and May, he enjoyed a favorable opinion from a majority of Americans. However, in the months after his initial offer to buy Twitter, his overall favorability reached a new low of 42% in the month of November.

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