Which do you value more: time or money? It’s a perennial question – one that reveals quite a bit about individual priorities, but also collective trends – especially when the answers begin to evolve. 

In 2023, CivicScience data revealed that 42% of U.S. adults prioritized time. By contrast, 13% prioritized money. But after a year of continued inflation, it may not be surprising to see that those who prioritize time have fallen by one percentage point to 41%, while those who prioritize money have increased by two points to 15%. People who say they prioritize both time and money equally also fell one point to 45%.

Suffice it to say, money is increasingly on the minds of consumers, but time is still largely more valued. A look at the data reveals the unique demographics and consumer behaviors that correlate with Americans’ time and money priorities.

Weigh In: Pick one: would you rather have more time or more money?