Bathroom makeovers are on the top of the list for people planning home renovations this year, and freshening up a bath and shower space couldn’t be more on trend. A suite of contemporary shower installations, including advanced water filtration or product infusion systems, has piqued consumer interest to upgrade a living space and improve their health and wellness routines.

Luxury Fixtures for Health and Wellness

At-home, specialty showerheads can do more than offer a few water flow settings. While some simply have that high-tech appeal, many of these devices are sought after for their ability to remove water toxins that can harm hair and skin health, or infuse health and beauty products into the shower stream. CivicScience polling shows health and wellness features of showerheads have great appeal among the Gen Pop and other segments of the population. 

Close to 30% of the Gen Pop – who are aware of at-home, luxury shower hardware – have already used them.* What’s more impactful is the fact that 35% of consumers are at least ‘somewhat’ likely to buy a luxury showerhead in the next six months.**

CivicScience data reveal an even greater interest in at-home luxury showerheads among health-conscious consumers. People who select salons, spas, and aromatherapy for self-care, as well as consistent vitamin and nutritional supplement takers, all reveal a strong inclination to purchase a luxury showerhead in the next six months. Consumers who eat vegan diets wildly over-index the Gen Pop and health-conscious consumers with 87% likelihood to purchase a luxury showerhead soon (in the next six months).

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The Appeal for Remodelers

This year’s bathroom renovators seem to have picked up on the luxury showerhead trend. Nearly 50% of intended bathroom remodelers have already used a luxury showerhead, or are very likely to purchase one within the next six months. While non-renovators haven’t experienced luxury showerheads to quite the same extent, their level of intent to try them means many bathrooms could get a minor but impactful upgrade, even if not a full remodel.

CivicScience data show fans of The Home Depot and Lowe’s over-index the Gen Pop in likelihood to purchase a luxury showerhead in the next six months. Many new showerhead brands are available through direct-to-consumer merchandising, meaning bathroom remodelers who are interested in including luxury shower hardware might have to go outside of their usual home improvement store to find what they are looking for.

Showerhead Brand Names to Watch

Among consumers interested in at-home, specialty showerheads, the Canopy Filtered Showerhead draws the most attention at 31% interest. Hai’s Smart Showerhead, which is Bluetooth-enabled for custom control of water temperature and pressure, comes in just behind in second place with 30% interest from consumers. 

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Luxury showerheads for home bathrooms are extremely popular in the health and wellness space, appreciated by consumers with a fondness for spas, beauty products, and a desire to maintain a healthy, thriving body. Specialty showerheads are making their way into the home improvement market, and could be a highlight feature of many bathroom remodels this year. With bathroom renovations topping the list of home improvement projects this year, it could be time for luxury showerheads to hit the ‘main stream’.

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* n=1,111 responses from 4/27-4/30/2024, **n=1,816 responses from 4/27-4/30/2024