Just in time for the holiday season, TikTok has begun quietly testing TikTok Shop, a new feature that allows TikTokers to buy products directly in-app. Sources say this feature was previously only available in the U.K. and seven countries in Asia, but now the social media platform has started testing it in the U.S. 

Given that TikTok is a rising go-to search engine among young shoppers, CivicScience polled U.S. adults on their likelihood to use TikTok Shop. The most recent data show that about one-quarter of TikTok users are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to use the feature, while roughly three-quarters are ‘not at all likely’ to try it out.

So, which retailers are consumers most likely to shop from on TikTok? Looking at interest from five distinct retailers, Urban Outfitters’ favorables have the strongest likelihood (‘very likely’) of converting (22%), followed by L.L. Bean (12%), Target (11%), and Macy’s (10%). However, overall interest (those who are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to use the shopping feature) is the highest among Lululemon favorable consumers.

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