Kenny Rogers famously sang, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” And while Rogers was singing about Old West card sharps, the line fits just as well with smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, Motorola, and other companies are betting Americans are ready to once again bring the “fold” back into their phones.

Samsung hit the market last year with the pricey Galaxy Fold, and Motorola followed that up earlier this month with the new Razr. And Sunday night, during the Oscars broadcast, Samsung teased their next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z, which seems poised to take the Razr head-to-head.

But are Americans interested in a foldable smartphone? The answer is increasingly yes, with 35% of adults 18+ saying they are at least “somewhat” interested in buying a foldable touchscreen phone, which is up 45% since the last time CivicScience took a look at the data back in July 2019.

Age plays a role in who wants a foldable phone, with Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X showing almost equal interest. Part of this can be chalked up to nostalgia for the Millennial and Gen X crowd, generations for which flip phones were the – objectively speaking – best way to end a call. But Gen Z’s interest is different. There’s a fervent desire in that age category for foldable phones, with 16% of that generation saying they’re “very” interested in the tech, almost double Millennials and Gen X, and four times that of the 55+ cohort.

Men are 6% more interested than women when it comes to foldable phones.

iPhone Users Are Interested in a Foldable

While Apple hasn’t announced if it has plans on entering the foldable phone fray, the following should give them reason to get the R&D team into high gear, as 42% of current iPhone users are at least “somewhat” interested in buying a foldable phone, which is 13% less than Samsung owners.

Social Media Matters

Americans who say social media influences the personal electronics they buy are 30% more likely to have interest in foldable phones than people who say social media plays no role. Forget about posting pictures taken with a phone; the pictures new foldable phone users are going to be posting will be of the phones itself.

Without question, interest in the new era of foldable phones – and that satisfying snap! – is on the rise. As far as demographics go, it’s impossible to argue that there is appeal for a younger audience. Also notable: How iPhone users are just about as interested in the tech as Samsung favorables. It’s fair to say the dawn of the foldable revolution is upon us.