Consumer interest in Disney+ has only increased the closer the streaming service got to launch day. And that day is here. 

CivicScience ran some quick surveys to see how many more people are likely to subscribe (has that changed?), what they want to watch on Disney+, and checked in again on how this could impact Netflix subscriptions.

First, according to the survey tracking the likelihood of subscribing, the number has spiked as of this week to 26%. That’s up from 21% a little over a month ago.

And among parents? The likely crowd jumped up to 41% this week.

But what’s the bigger reason for which people want to subscribe?

It’s the classics, of course.

Of 1,600+ people surveyed who have interest in subscribing, 45% say the bigger reason for doing so is the movie collection, while 19% say it’s the original series, and the other 36% say both are equally appealing reasons.

Nostalgia plays a role for Millennials and young Gen Xers. They are the most likely to want to sign up for Disney+ for the movie collection, likely because they grew up watching the classics as they were released. Under 25 though? They’re here for the original series.

Parents are driven by the original series slightly more than grandparents and non-parents are.

And what about Netflix? How will the streaming giant weather all of this? Probably just fine, at least for now. As of this month, only 3% of Netflix subscribers plan to ditch their subscription because of of Disney+.

One thing to keep an eye on though is wavering feelings. The group of Netflix users who ‘aren’t sure’ has grown, signaling there may be more room for people to reconsider if they really want the cost of both services to be automatically deducted from their bank account each month.