The LEGO toy brand has been capturing the creativity and imagination of both children and adults for ages. From the LEGO Ninjago and movie-themed kits to a Christmas wreath complete with candles and a red bow, LEGO has something for everyone. 

CivicScience asked 2,439 U.S. adults about their LEGO purchases and 29% indicated they had bought building sets within the last year. Within the 29%, the largest grouping of survey respondents had made purchases for others as gifts.

In a separate survey of LEGO purchases made specifically during this year’s Christmas season, 9% of respondents said they had already bought building kits as Christmas gifts. Another 11% of respondents said they plan to buy them as gifts and 15% said they might make a LEGO purchase. Significantly more people said they have purchased or plan to purchase LEGO toys this year than December of last year.

Parents are more likely than grandparents and non-parents to have already purchased LEGO-brand gifts this year but grandparents are most likely to have plans to buy them.

Users of Disney+ streaming service are the most likely to have already made a LEGO gift purchase this year. While we don’t know if the building sets purchased were movie-themed, there is a strong correlation between Disney fans and LEGO purchases that a conclusion can be drawn. In addition, people who intend to subscribe to Disney+ are the most likely to express an interest in buying LEGOs as gifts.

In order to build the Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter’s wizarding world, shoppers would need to spend several hundred dollars. While smaller sets and non-movie-themed products come at a much lower price point, LEGO sets can still be a pricey gift to give. Despite this, people of all income backgrounds show near-equal amounts of LEGO gift purchases this year. Not only that but those making $50K or less per year have the largest grouping of respondents who plan to give LEGO-brand toys this holiday season.

Old or young, boy or girl, LEGO has something for everyone, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular holiday item. And there seems to be greater potential for consumers to give the gift of LEGO this year when compared to last year.

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