Last week, Lululemon and Peloton announced a five-year global partnership in which Lululemon will become Peloton’s exclusive athletic apparel partner, and Peloton will become the primary content provider for Lululemon Studio (formerly MIRROR). By leveraging each other’s strengths, the athletic companies aim to grow their shared vision of improving well-being through movement while expanding their combined customer base of 20 million consumers. Plus, this partnership also comes with news of Lululemon discontinuing its guided workout mirror

Ongoing CivicScience tracking shows that the partnership could mutually benefit the brands. From Peloton’s perspective, 66% of Peloton users and 58% of Peloton intenders are favorable to Lululemon clothing – compared to just 12% of users and 7% of intenders who say they’re unfavorable to Lululemon clothing.

From Lululemon’s perspective, 57% of Lululemon Studio app users have used Peloton, and 43% of app intenders are also Peloton intenders – which could hint at the partnership’s potential. (Plus, additional CivicScience data show that Lululemon clothing fans over-index as Peloton users and intenders.)

Lululemon and Peloton’s Partnership Could Bring In More Younger Users for Lululemon Studio 

When asked if consumers are likely to sign up for Lululemon Studio, given that Peloton classes will be available to subscribers, data show that 11% of Americans are either ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ likely to sign up. Perhaps these figures will shift in the coming months, as 47% of respondents haven’t heard of Lululemon Studio.  

In particular, Gen Z is the most likely to be ‘somewhat’ likely to subscribe (34%), followed closely by younger Millennials aged 25-34 (33%) – with Millennials expressing the strongest interest (12% are ‘very likely’ to sign up). Overall, this new partnership could skew Lululemon Studio’s customer base toward adults under 35 years old.

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