In an Insight Report published this week, we used the syndicated data in our InsightStore™, an enterprise platform for intelligent polling and real-time consumer insights, to discover the persona of a market maven. A market maven is not only a term used to describe someone who has savvy investment instincts, but also describes an individual who is “in the know,” has information on the latest products and places to shop, and is more likely to be an early adopter of new offerings. They tend to share information and thoughts about these offerings and brands with their friends and family and on social media. Market mavens are essential to businesses because they have the potential to impact other consumers’ purchases.

After learning who market mavens are by looking at their demographics, shopping habits and behaviors, market interests, technology usage, and social media usage, we found that market mavens cannot be defined by demographics – it is the collection of their psychographic and behavioral attributes that make them who they are.

For example, when compared to the general population, market mavens are only slightly more likely to be younger and have a higher household income; however, when looking at the many psychographic insights we uncovered, we can see they differ from the general population in many ways.

When compared to the general population, market mavens…

  • Are more outgoing.
  • Spend more time researching and comparing prices before making purchases.
  • Are more likely to tell others about products they purchase by writing consumer reviews.
  • Are more likely to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news in a variety of areas.
  • Are more tech savvy.
  • Belong to more social media sites and are more likely to be influenced by comments and recommendations on those sites.

Market mavens can be considered somewhat of a free spokesperson for businesses, potentially helping them reach new customers. This is definitely a valuable segment to target, and the full report is available online (no download or login needed), which gives you a more detailed look into this desirable segment of consumers.


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