Just how concerned are consumers about companies’ collection and use of their personal information? They measure at least 20 points higher on the issue of involuntary or unknown use of their data compared to on their own Internet data sharing practices.

In part 2 of a 2-part series on consumer sentiment around data privacy issues, we find that consumers are most concerned about companies selling their personal information to other companies without their knowledge. Of second-highest concern is around security of that data. (In part 1, we studied sentiment on general Internet privacy questions.)

“So consumers don’t like to have their data shared? That’s no surprise.” you say.

This October 2014 Insight Report not only shows the strength of belief that consumers have on these issues, but also points to areas where companies who are currently (or soon will be) under fire — such as data brokers and social media sites like Facebook — can specifically make some changes in their practices to gain back consumer trust and goodwill. Top-ranking areas include transparency and disclosures.

Five (5) questions were part of this CivicScience study, each generating a minimum of 18,000 U.S. adult respondents.

Read the full part 2 report on Consumer Sentiment on the Data Privacy Practices of Corporations. (Open access PDF – no login needed.)

Consumer sentiment on data brokers and data privacy