The push for wellness is approaching an all-time high at the top of the new year. For those forgoing Dry January, conscious alcohol purchases may be the first step into broader lifestyle changes. Natural wine, also known as low-intervention wine, began making headlines over the past year with its focus on organic components and its lack of artificial manipulation during the winemaking process. CivicScience polled the general public to get a feel for what’s happening in the natural wine market, and here’s what surfaced:

Slightly less than half of U.S. respondents aged 21+ reported some familiarity with natural wines. However, a closer look reveals over one-half of survey respondents claimed they’ve never heard of natural wine, with another one-quarter saying they haven’t tried it and they’re not interested. It looks like there’s certainly room for improvement in natural wine awareness. 

CivicScience data show older Millennials and Gen Xers are the biggest participants in natural wine consumption. Baby Boomers report the second greatest interest, while Gen Z lags behind – a rare moment when younger respondents aren’t leading a trend.

As predicted, individuals with a dedicated interest in healthy activities are more open to giving natural wine a try than those who aren’t so focused on fitness.

While the natural wine market still has ways to go in terms of widespread interest and recognition, there are certainly opportunities to win by wooing older, health-focused Millennials. Thirsty for more insights like these? Contact us for an InsightStore demo today.