Now that it’s officially fall and the holiday season is a few months away, flu shots and COVID boosters are on many Americans’ radars. Plans to get vaccinated are especially on the public’s mind now that medical experts are recommending when people should get their shots for maximum protection during the upcoming flu and holiday season. 

With the colder weather coming, here’s where people stand right now:

Survey results show that 15% of U.S. adults eligible for the vaccine have already received the newest COVID vaccine booster. And, adults are more likely to say they will get the vaccine before the end of the year (41%) than not (35%), likely in anticipation of the holiday season.

There’s a larger percentage of U.S. adults planning to get the flu shot than the COVID booster — nearly half of adults eligible for the vaccine (47%) plan to get a flu shot before the end of the year, and 15% say they already got it. 

On a similar note, since we last shared comfortability resuming in-person activities at the beginning of August, comfortability in all areas (shopping in stores, traveling, etc.) has increased.  

Also, concern about being in public spaces saw a corresponding decrease this week.

Even with concerns remaining low, many U.S. adults eligible to receive the COVID booster or flu shot are planning to do so this year. Check back in for updates as CivicScience continues to track vaccine intent.