How have Americans responded to the monkeypox virus being declared a public health emergency? CivicScience has the answers. Our data show that the monkeypox virus continues to cause concern among Americans. CivicScience tracking data show increased concern since May 2022; over the past few weeks, concern has been slowly increasing while remaining relatively low. Additionally, when compared to concerns surrounding COVID after being declared a health emergency, we saw 32% felt ‘very concerned,’ and fewer indicate the same for monkeypox (20%).

And when comparing vaccine intent, 44% of U.S. adults say they’re not at all likely to receive the monkeypox vaccine when it becomes available while only 18% of adults said they were unlikely to get the COVID vaccine shortly after it became available in the U.S.

Across most measures, comfortability taking part in activities increased for the Gen Pop. Notably, comfort going out to eat reached a record high (since the start of the pandemic) of 77%.

And while comfortability traveling or going on vacation remained stagnant week over week at 59%, we’ve seen a dip in those who plan to travel in the next month, which could be a result of the summer coming to a close. 

CivicScience will continue to monitor the Gen Pop’s response to development surrounding the monkeypox virus. Check back in regularly for updates.