Coronavirus cases are still on an upward trajectory in the United States. Concern about the Delta variant also continues to increase. This week, nearly 80% of the population is concerned about the variant – with nearly half reporting they are “very concerned.” 

Being in public spaces is still a concern for most U.S. adults with over 7 in 10 concerned to some degree. 

As a natural result of worsening case numbers, the expected timeframe for having to practice social distancing has been extended. Currently, nearly one-third of the adult population is now expecting public health and safety efforts to continue for more than six months. 

Employers and businesses are beginning to require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test for employees to return to work. As of right now, more adults agree than disagree that proof of COVID-19 vaccination should be required to go to work. 

Something else to keep an eye on regarding work: with the pandemic beginning to worsen again, individuals’ concern over their employment situations rose slightly this week. 

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