With the addition of the avocado emoji to the Apple keyboard, it’s safe to say the avocado is a full-blown food trend. Foodies and nutritionists hail the superfruit as a delicious addition to everything from toast to your Chipotle order. Data behind avocado lovers unveils interesting insights about the intersection between foodies, fitness enthusiasts and the health conscious eater.

Let’s explore the insights.

Avocado consumption

It’s a small portion, but 10% responded saying they eat avocados daily or weekly. What are the habits of these avocado devotees?  

Avocado eaters flock to Trader Joe’s. The national affordable food mecca attracts fans from all different backgrounds, but one thing’s for sure: the more often you eat avocados, the more likely you are to shop at TJ’s. While shopping at Trader Joe’s, avocado lovers are more likely to read the nutritional information on their groceries and take their items back to cook dinner at home.

Passion for fitness, with a side of avocado toast. Avocado lovers are more likely to consider health and fitness activities a personal passion. Fitness isn’t simply a necessity; it’s part of their identity. That being said, avocado eaters are health conscious, but they still enjoy some indulgent habits.

If you like avocados, you probably like to drink. People who drink clear spirits are three times as likely to eat avocados daily or weekly. Wine drinkers are more than twice as likely to eat an avocado at least weekly. People who drink beer are also more likely to eat avocado frequently.  

Avocado isn’t their only trendy snack. Daily and weekly avocado eaters seem to jump on healthy foodies trends. People who eat avocados often are more than twice as likely to enjoy drinks with coconut water.

They think healthy. Frequent avocado eaters are more than twice as likely as those who never eat avocado to consider themselves healthy eaters. In fact, this group is twice as likely to buy organic products at the grocery store.

Based on their eating and drinking habits, we can tell that avocado fans walk the line between fitness fanatics and foodies. They make choices to better their health, like buying organic groceries and cooking at home, but also enjoy cocktails or wine. They are passionate about fitness, but not impervious to hopping on the latest “health” food craze, like coconut water or avocado.

Is this Fitness/Foodie Fanatic profile a passing trend, or a new identity in the food and exercise space? It’s too soon to tell, but we’ll keep you posted!