Reported coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are experiencing a slight dip in the United States as the country has lost more than 670,000 people to the virus. This week, overall concern about being in public spaces increased – but still has not affected consumers’ taking part in normal activities. In fact, shoppers are reporting comfort levels similar to July when new cases subsided. Pandemic fatigue clearly seems to be at play as the country surpasses the year and a half mark. 

With daily new coronavirus information and mixed economic signals, thoughts on personal finance are beginning to change. After weeks of decline, consumer sentiment toward the overall US economy began to recover this week, but an increasing percentage of people are pessimistic about the future of their personal finances.

Specifically, parents are more likely to have a negative outlook on their financial situations. 

Middle-income households in the suburbs are also expecting their finances to get worse over the next several months.

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