It’s been a few months since DQ began their fight to win over caffeine addicts – a space usually reserved for Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and even McDonald’s. With their frappés and flavored iced coffees, they’ve been hoping to capitalize on the phenomenon of specialty coffee shops, which have outgrown fast-food restaurants for the past three years. Our data suggests that slowly but surely, their strategy is working.

Awareness of Dairy Queen is increasing with the new Dairy Queen ice coffees and Dairy Queen Frappes

As you can see, awareness of Dairy Queen has increased. Compared to last quarter’s 33% of people who had never heard of DQ’s iced coffees, that number has now dropped to 31%. Additionally, there has been a 2% increase in favorability among those who have tried these iced coffees.

Their frappés are also promising.

Awareness of Dairy Queen is increasing with the Dairy Queen iced coffee and Dairy Queen frappes

The percentage of people who have not tried the frappés and don’t plan to has decreased from 44% to 40%. You may ask, what happened to those 4%?

We found an increase of 2% among those who say that have tried the frappes and like them, and another 2% increase among those who have not yet tried them but would like to. Their loyalties, or lack thereof, may be shifting.

Lastly, awareness seems to be higher among parents – a group that Dairy Queen has been intentionally trying to target.

39% of people without children or grandchildren have not heard of Dairy Queen’s iced coffees, as opposed to 29% of parents and grandparents who have not heard about Dairy Queen’s iced coffees.

These numbers are not monumental – which is unsurprising as it has only been several months since the launch of these caffeinated beverages. If these numbers continue to sway the way we’ve seen, however, Dairy Queen may join the ranks of other caffeine elites.