Each week CivicScience reports key findings from the dozens of questions surveying consumers on their behaviors, intent, and sentiment as they relate to the coronavirus pandemic and comfort getting back to a semblance of normalcy. Here’s the most recent data.


Things may be shifting a bit from last week, in somewhat opposite directions.

Concern about being out in public started to increase this week, and grave concern at that. The percentage of Americans who said they’re ‘very’ concerned about venturing out increased by eleven percentage points.

What’s more is concern about COVID testing increased week over week as well.

An interesting finding is last week, we saw a record high percentage of people reporting they are now comfortable dining out since the pandemic started (52%), but this has since declined slightly to 49%. 

However, the number of U.S. adults who actually have intent to dine out in the week ahead has grown to the highest point (36%) since we began tracking the topic. So while comfort may be down just a bit, intent shows that the beginnings of a recovery may be upon us, at least for now.

Another potential area of recovery is airline travel. While just as many adults said they would now be okay with traveling as last week, we observed a four percentage point increase in plans to fly by airplane in the next month.

The last notable observation is that more people than ever, since the start of the pandemic, report they expect their personal financial situation to get better over the next six months (32%).

All these indicators may point to slight recovery in a couple of key industries, or at least the start of one.