As COVID cases surge across the country and reach an all-time high, concern about being in public spaces has continued to trend upward. 

Overall concern about the Delta and Omicron variants has steadily increased since early December, with both variants causing similar levels of overall concern. Right now, however, Omicron is causing more extreme concern in the United States. 

Comfort returning to normal activities remains lower than pre-holiday levels, with the largest declines seen for traveling and attending major public events. 

Over half (57%) of adults know at least one person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week, which has steadily risen since the week leading up to Christmas.  

During this massive surge, CivicScience checked in on trust. Most people trust information from the CDC about COVID at least a little, but more than a quarter of the population do not trust the CDC at all (28%). 

Right now, younger adults are less likely than older adults to trust information from the CDC about COVID.  

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