As airfare and unpredictable scheduling continue to deter plane travel, that hasn’t put a full halt on summer exploring. Loosened COVID restrictions have opened the door to revisiting family, friends, and familiar summer destinations. CivicScience checked in with Americans to get an update on travel trends this summer:

1. Currently, increasing airfare is hindering summer plane travel.

Thirty-nine percent of plane travelers are reluctant to purchase new tickets due to expensive prices, a larger portion than those who have no reluctance to travel via airplane (31%). Trailing behind price, just under a third (29%) of Americans list concern about delayed and canceled flights as a reason for their reluctance to travel by plane. 

Concern around delays and cancellations has also likely led to roughly a fifth (22%) of plane travelers shifting to purchase travel insurance. 

2. Summer travelers are looking to see familiar places and faces this year.

With loosened COVID restrictions, revisiting destinations is top of mind for 68% of travelers. This is likely due to the desire to reconnect with family and friends, which 27% of travelers indicate is a priority for their summer adventures. 

3. While family time can be stressful, travelers are increasingly hoping to get in plenty of relaxation.

Fifty-one percent of those with travel plans are looking forward to kicking back and relaxing as of June, up four percentage points from this April. 

The growing need for R&R could likely be a result of the decline in emotional well-being. CivicScience data show a dip in well being from April to June of this year, which has continued into July.