Much of the country has been locked inside their homes for the last few weeks, and so maybe it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the number of Americans who consider themselves at least a little bit of an outdoors enthusiast has climbed 7% over roughly the same time span. One wants what they can’t have, right?

With spring in the air and 76% of the nation saying they love the outdoors, getting back to nature is something that is bound to happen soon. Or will it? With talk of easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions, will Americans actually get back outside? What about return to their favorite retail locations?

Two of the nation’s largest outdoors-related retail chains – REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods – have nearly equal levels of favorability among American adults at this time.

Yet, their fan bases have divergent views on the current discussion about lifting lockdowns and returning to normal life. The data show people with a favorable view of REI are significantly more likely to remain in quarantine than people with a favorable view of Dick’s even in the event of a government notice to go back to normal life.

In addition to REI fans’ hesitance to get back out into the world, favorables of the chain are more likely to be concerned about the effect of the coronavirus on the economy than fans of Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Concern over the economy combined with the hesitancy of favorable customers suggest REI will be slower to start back up at a brick-and-mortar level than Dick’s. When the time does come, Dick’s could be set to claim a bigger share in the outdoors market as its competitor’s shoppers will likely wait things out a while longer.