Among some social circles, the patented watercolor splattered cans of sparkling water are nearly as ubiquitous as the green and white coffee cup. Rising out of the Midwest, and trickling out to the west coast, the seltzer trend has taken off within certain demographics.

Percentage of people who drink sparkling water

36% profess to love or at least like flavored sparkling water. The audience is dedicated, even if they’re not a majority.

People who drink flavored sparkling water crossed with frequency of drinking sparkling water.

67% of sparkling water super fans drink the beverage on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring repeat customers for sparkling beverage producers. Many consumers may have turned to sparkling beverages as a low-calorie replacement for their regular soda.

If consumers are drinking this every day, you could assume they’re going to get bored. Is a carbonated water enough after a hard day at the office?

People who drink flavored sparkling water crossed with clear spirit drinkers

58% of people who love sparkling water enjoy drinking clear spirits, as do 59% of people who like sparkling beverages. Carbonated water fans are nearly double as likely to enjoy a clear spirit–perhaps mixed with their sparkling water.

SpikedSeltzer and Truly Seltzer have already jumped into the sparkling alcoholic beverage game, leaving Smirnoff to play catch up; the brand unveiled its latest low-cal spiked seltzer offering earlier this month.

Sparkling water producers could cash in on the craze with partnerships or co-brandings. La Croix already has an established cult cocktail following.

Where could the sparkling beverage trend go next?

People who drink flavored water crossed with people who drink wine.

40% of daily or weekly sparkling water drinkers indulge in a glass of wine twice a week or more. That’s more than double the amount of any other group.

After last summer’s popularity of the Boozy Popsicle, sparkling water brands might want to try bringing back the spritzer. Seltzer devotees are avid Pinterest users. If seltzer makers encourage a Pinterest-worthy wine/sparkling water combo, they could see a boost in sales.