Spotify Wrapped dropped in late November: the annual offering gives users personalized summaries of their most-played songs and artists.

Since last year, CivicScience data show that interest in Spotify Wrapped is consistent among Spotify users, with roughly a third keen on it. In 2023, 30% of users remain favorable to the feature, showing subscribers a curated wrap-up of their top music from the year, the exact figure as the previous year. In contrast, the data also show that a growing group of Spotify users have a negative opinion about it (25%), shaving five points off those with neutral views in 2022. 

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However, interest in other platforms doing a similar promotion has waned since last year. Those “very interested” in seeing a year-end recap on other platforms dropped three points, and 78% of U.S. adult respondents report they aren’t interested in this idea. Have these year-end recaps lost their initial appeal?

More Insights About Spotify Wrapped Fans From the CivicScience InsightStore™:

  1. Frequent Flyers ✈️ They’re more likely to travel for business at least quarterly compared to non-fans;
  2. Gossip much? Spotify Wrapped fans are more likely than non-fans to share celebrity gossip on social media at least occasionally;
  3. Soups on 🥣 Maybe it’s time for a Spotify and CPG collaboration, as Wrapped fans are frequent freshly packaged soup eaters;
  4. Just make sure it’s gluten-free soup; Spotify-wrapped fans are three times more likely to at least limit gluten in some capacity;
  5. Not (as) stressed out right now 💆🏻‍♀️ While well-being and stress levels have fluctuated among the populace, Wrapped fans report lower stress levels than non-fans.

Main takeaway: Spotify consumers like to see personalized data, but these recap-style features may be losing their luster among the population.

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