Spotify Wrapped 2022, the viral feature that shows Spotify users their favorite songs, artists, and genres of the year, dropped last week, so you’ve probably seen these pop up on social media ever since. Considering the feature has been out for six years now (the first one being released in 2016) CivicScience launched a few polls to get the pulse on users’ experience with the offering.

Overall Favorability Is Strong, Social Sharing Is Mixed

Among polled Spotify users aged 13 and older, the majority (80%) report a favorable or neutral experience with Spotify Wrapped; only 20% report unfavorable feelings. Additional data show that just over half of polled Spotify users say they look at their Wrapped, but social sharing isn’t as strong: under a fifth say they always share theirs on social media (14%) and nearly the same sized group said they don’t anymore but used to (12%). However, sharing clearly remains relevant: in 2021, Wrapped was shared over 60 million times

Other platforms have replicated this style of personalized, year-end recap, and according to further CivicScience data, the desire for these features widely exists. Roughly a quarter (23%) of U.S. poll respondents 13+ (n=2,506) said they were at least somewhat interested in this sort of year-end offering on other platforms. 

When crossing this interest with users of just a handful of other platforms in the CivicScience database, users of Audible, fitness tracking apps, and Hulu stood out, followed by Netflix.

Main takeaway: consumers like to see personalized data, and this is likely a trend that is only taking off. 

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