Trucks – they’re rugged, red-blooded and inspire about 60% of country songs out there. When you think of them, luxury isn’t exactly the first word to come to mind…but that could change. Mercedes-Benz recently announced the release of its newest car, and it’s a truck. Yes, a luxury truck.

The Mercedes X-Class boasts 2 models, one dubbed the rugged adventurer and the other named the stylish explorer. These two models hope to inspire that truck feel we all know and love, meshed with that Mercedes touch we all secretly yearn for. The Mercedes X­-Class is set to begin production at the end of 2017, but sadly, it is not yet set to arrive in the U.S. – just Europe and Latin America. We’re a tough crowd over here, it seems.

When Jason Aldean sings about his truck, I can’t image it’s as luxurious as this one – but hey – you never know.

Midsize pickup trucks are growing at a rate of over 20% a year in the U.S. Last year, for example, more than 350,000 small and midsize trucks were sold in the U.S. That’s a 41% increase from the previous year. Experts say this can be attributed to lower gas prices throughout the country. Though these are good signs for pickup trucks in general, the conditions would make it incredibly difficult for Mercedes to compete, especially with widespread loyalty to older truck brands such as General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

So, should the new Mercedes pickup stay out of Good Ol’ America? Or should it pedal into our saturated market?

A graph showing that few people would buy the new Mercedes X-Class Truck

Only 5% of U.S. adults would be likely to buy the truck if it came to the U.S., while 89% would not be likely. In a hopeful segment for Mercedes, 6% of people don’t know, and could possibly be convinced.

Given the saturation of other pickup trucks, and the high price tags that accompany Mercedes cars, it’s no surprise that such few people answered this way. Let’s take a look, however, at those affluent folks who would be more likely to be able to afford this luxury truck in the first place. Though no specific price has been set for the Mercedes X-Class, we can be pretty sure it wouldn’t be a feasible purchase for those who make under – say – $100k, unless they’re retired. So let’s start there.

Wealthy people are more likely to buy the new Mercedes cae

7% of people who make over $100k annually are very or somewhat likely to buy this luxury pickup truck, while 7% of the same income group is not sure. Based on this, we can say that there is potential for X-Class success among America’s more affluent adults.

We All Love Mercedes 

Next, we found that those who are likely to buy the new truck are more likely to favor Mercedes in general. No surprises there. But oddly enough, 56% of people who answered that they’re not sure if they would buy the truck favor Mercedes as well.

People who would buy the new Mercedes X-Class truck already are fans of Mercedes cars

Mercedes Fans Are Loyal 

Mercedes-Benz should not take the loyalty of its fans lightly. If the company were to bring this oversized dream to the states, Mercedes fans may be there to back them up.

Mercedes fans are loyal

35% of Mercedes Fans are very loyal to their favorite brands (AKA Mercedes) and 55% are somewhat loyal to them. We find the same trend, albeit stronger, among those who would be likely to buy the new truck.

Potential Mercedes X-Class buyers are very loyal to their favorite brands

Eyes On the Future

Although the Mercedes-X Class would be competing against some widely respected and trusted pickup trucks, it seems that the company has genuinely built up a strong and dedicated customer base. Fans are more likely to buy the car, and even ones who are not likely to buy may still be persuaded due to their love for the brand.

So, until the day when Mercedes possibly brings this chic truck to the states, we can continue to keep an eye on its heavily publicized development.