The North Face-branded jackets have become a status symbol of sorts. Through branding and marketing efforts, The North Face has come to symbolize affluence, hip-ness, and loving the outdoors. Whether or not these generalizations are true, a CivicScience study found that most Americans 13+ have a positive or neutral opinion about The North Face. 

Neutrality toward The North Face increases with age, which isn’t too surprising. But when you dig into the age brackets, there is a small cohort – about 17% – who have an unfavorable opinion of the brand. Maybe they are just more opinionated, but there are clearly some Gen Z and Millenials who could do without this particular zip-up fleece.

And income and the generalization that wearing The North Face represents affluence? It only goes so far. While favorability to the brand does rise with income brackets, it’s not as drastic as you may imagine. It’s probably an aspirational brand for all.

So why might someone want to buy a North Face jacket or coat this winter? 

Two things are clear: They’re cold, and they want their outerwear for the long haul. Style and lifestyle are much less important to those looking to buy North Face this season.

But one thing’s for sure: it may be stereotypical to think of North Face-wearing people as also wearing UGG’s, but hey, the data confirms it.

What else can we glean about people who like The North Face?

  • They love Drake. Age is likely a factor here, but North Face fans over-index as Drake fans (31%), when comparing them to those who are neutral to the brand (12%).
  • The more people love North Face, the more they are interested in the Christmas holiday. In fact, they over-index compared to the general population (52%).
  • North Face fans aim to track their fitness. North Face favorables are much more likely to use a fitness tracking app or want to use one.
  • Correlation or causation, they’re less likely to play console video games.
  • They think they’re hotter than their peers. Coming back to the status symbol thing, North Face favorables do indeed think they are more physically attractive, 40%, than those neutral or unfavorable to the brand at 29% and 21% respectively.
  • And, lastly, maybe The North Face fans really are jet setters or explorers after all. They’re extremely more likely than non-fans to leave the continent frequently.