There’s a lot of new buzz surrounding Snapchat’s valuation (which we also commented on back in December 2013 in a piece co-authored with Mark Cuban).

Amidst a new tech bubble, Snapchat has gone from a $3 billion valuation to $10 billion in about 9 months, with really no new revenue stream in that time. So what is the value of the Snapchat user base? This sounded like the perfect job for putting our InsightStore™ data to work, to help provide more information about the fans of the social app. It’s widely known that Snapchat’s users tend to be younger (under 25), but beyond that, we felt that our approach to collecting deep consumer insights would shed more light on this segment.

Knowing more about these users not just in terms of demographics, but also in behaviors, attitudes, and brands favored, can certainly help when the time comes for Snapchat to roll out a monetization strategy.

So we’ve published a new Insight Report (PDF) that answers many of those questions — no login required, and it won’t even disappear on you after you read it…











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